Business Data

We enable you to accelerate the implementation of Business Intelligence and data exploitation devices powered by Big Data and the Business Intelligence System. We develop network and cloud architectures to enhance your security and increase the speed of data processing.

Business Intelligence

DevoTech accompany you in optimizing and modernizing your BI platform :

- Understanding of the existing and definition of a BI roadmap
- Data Visualization: modernization of rendering tools
- Modern BI: Case Analysis of Uses and Deployment of Self Service Solutions
- Integration, transformation, preparation and storage of the data
- Optimization of SID treatments and performances
- Decisional platform migrations, data and tools

Big Data

We also propose you to assist you in the implementation of adapted Big Data solutions :

- Consulting and accompanying in distributed architecture for batch and real time
- Securing, configuring and optimizing the solution
- Governance of data quality
- Development of efficient in-memory and distributed treatments
- Using data services in the cloud

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